We are the Business Improvement Specialists.

MDA Advisory is a strategic advisory firm focused on the optimisation of stakeholder wealth. Our team of experienced professionals implement and lead successful business enhancement and turnaround projects.

Business Enhancement

Health Assessment and Evaluation, Business Plans, Valuations, Profitability Metrics

Corporate Advisory Services

Project Management, Feasibility Studies, Business Case Preparation, Optimise Management Information, Review Structure and Staffing

Buy or Sell a Business

Business Analysis, Due Diligence, Valuations, Gap Analysis and Project Plan, Sale Preparation, Network of Buyers and Sellers

Specialised Services

Purchase Analysis, Feasibility Studies, Business Valuations, Funding Facilitation, Wealth Management Review, B-BBEE

Seven Steps to Enhance Your Business

We are the business partner that solves uncertainties. We provide solutions to navigate your business throughout the business life-cycle, from growth to maturity. Once wealth is achieved, you can harvest the fruits of your efforts.


Analyse your business and complete a valuation


Identify the drivers to increase profitability and reduce risk


Define the full potential of your business


Accelerate performance by focusing on results and simplifying complexities


Harness the talent within your business


Optimise structure and equity


Achieve the goal of building wealth, exiting or selling

Managing the Metrics

Creating changes in the fundamental metrics of your business has a multiplying effect on its value. When operating performance and the business multiplier increase, the value of your business rises exponentially.

Operating Performance
Business Multiplier
Business Value
Focused on Results

We enhance the rating of your business and provide you with an executable plan to optimise value based on underlying metrics and best practices.

Needs Work Getting There Best Practice

About Us

The cornerstone of our business is based on the fundamental principles of integrity, trust and transparency.

Over our combined 60 years of experience we have seen shareholder and management changes, growth initiatives, acquisitions and divestures both succeed and fail. We know what to do and how to do it, but more importantly we know what not to do. Our expertise and successes ranges across various industries, including logistics, pharmaceutical, mining, distribution, manufacturing, imports and exports, financial services, banking and agriculture.

The directors of the business are Fanie Meades and Pierre Dixon. Our resources include a number of industry experts and associates who ensure expert services are delivered. If you are ready to create wealth in your business, we are open for a consultation to see how we can assist you.

fanie meades profile photo
Fanie Meades, CA(SA) CFA

Fanie has extensive banking, financial services, auditing, accounting and stockbroking experience covering a wide spectrum of industries. He is a Chartered Accountant, Chartered Financial Analyst and qualified Stockbroker, and has completed Executive Leadership diplomas at GIBS and USB.

pierre dixon profile photo
Pierre Dixon, CA(SA)

Pierre has comprehensive experience in financial and general management, business restructuring and business turnaround. He has experience in manufacturing, logistics and distribution and has a vast knowledge of the pharmaceutical, professional cleaning and mining industries.

karin badenhorst profile photo
Karin Badenhorst, PhD, MBA

Karin was previously a partner at Ernst and Young and Arthur Anderson, specialising in risk monitoring, mitigation, management and designing appropriate architecture. She has vast experience working in Africa and the Middle East.

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